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[English] Provisioning for Dummies. An Arthur Bigotello’s Guide for youngs Chef


The Provisioning skill line is undoubtedly one of the 2 essential professions for any character that you have or are going to create in the world of Tamriel. Provisioning not only gives you the possibility to cook your own food or sell it, but also gives you 2 passives skill that improve the time of any food or drink you use. In the next lines I will give you the basic tips so you can take this maximum level profession without problems.


With this guide, you can raise your provisioning skill line in 15 min, or less if you can found the necessary materials and recipes, and spend the lowest amount of gold.

First of all, you must know that to be able to take Provisioning to the maximum level, you must have at least 4 skillpoints, these will be distributed only in the second passive skill of this branch, Recipe Improvement. In this way, we make sure to spend the least amount of gold, (this is because the difference between preparing a Quality 1 (green) and a Quality 3 (purple) recipe are just the qualities of the food or drink. , whereas the experience given is always the same). Second, have a fire for cooking, these can be found in several places, as in the Bars, Banks and others. My recommendation is the Bank of the city of Rift, in Riften, since the kitchen fire is next to the banker, making the task of extracting ingredients much easier. (Having Andromo as an assistant is the best way, but it will require that you spend crowns to have their services)

Tip 1 – Always prepare the highest food or drink that your cooking level allows.

As this guide is designed for players who start from scratch, we must buy the recipes and materials to raise the profession. To facilitate this task, we will use an Addon known as the Awesome Guild Store. This addon gives us much more advanced search tools than those currently available in the base game. The second addon that we will use to speed up the work, is the Multi Craft, this addon allows you to set several quantities of the same recipe without having to press the Craft key every time we want to do something.

I start to search recipes, any quality 1 recipe, and improve 1,2, 3 or 4 and that results in a food/drink level 15-19, 25-29, 35-39 or 45-49. Remember that you can use, ANY RECIBE BETWEEN LEVEL THOSE LEVELS

For this guide I will use this:

  • Stir-Fried Garlic Beef (15-19) 10g in clan store
  • Chicken and Biscuits (25-29) 35g in clan store
  • Camlorn Pork Sausage (35-39) 7g in clan store
  • Backlight Oxen Meatballs (45-49) 110g in clan store

I spend 2600g in this Ingredients

  • 160 Meat
  • 145 Garlic
  • 70 White Meat
  • 85 Saltrice
  • 60 miller

Time to cook!

I will start with use the recipe: Stir-Fried Garlic Beef, I just need 1 Red Meat and 1 Garlic.

I will set the craft amount to 75, to reach the level 20 (If you have ESO plus, you can reach this level in less time)

At level 10, we can improve the quality of the recipes that we can prepare. This skill is not necessary to level up fast Provisioning, but it is important if your idea is to be able to make your own powerfull meals and drinks.

Tip 2 – The Recipe Quality does not give more experience just because have better quality. You can raise this skill level at provisioning level are 10, 25, 35 and 50.

Once I reach level 20, I can level up the Recipe Improvement pasive skill.

Now I can switch to a better recipe, Chicken and Biscuits, I need 1 Poultry and 1 Miller.

I Set the Craft amount to 60 and get the level 30 in just 2 minutes.

Tip 3 – Whenever you look for a recipe check well, do not stay with the first seller you find, minimize your expenses by visiting as many vendors as you can.

Level up the Recipe Improvement again.

I need to use 1 Withe Meat and 1 Garlic to créate Camlorn Pork Sausage.

Set the Crafting ammount to 70 yo reach the level 40…

Tip 4 – Beware, many Guild sellers offer materials that can be bought much cheaper in the Grocer of certain cities, as well as offer them at a lower price. Check well before buying.

For the last time, we raised the level of the passive, spending in total, 4 skillpoints.

to reach level 50, we will switch to the Backlight Oxen Meatballs recipe, which produces food of level 45-50 and consume 1 Red Meat and 1 Saltrice.

We need to ser the amount in 85 to reach the level 50.

And voila, we are now Master Provisioning!